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Hi, I'm Bryon Dahl located in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.  I will be filling this site with guitars I have built, music gear for sale, audio tracks from my studio collection, lesson material, important links and anything else as it relates to DahlMusic…
After a long musical friendship of teaching, rehearsing and performing together, Joan and I finally decided it was time to capture our sound in the studio.  We sure enjoyed the time spent recording this CD and we hope you enjoy the result.
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With Jim Oestereich on piano, Chris Petersen on bass and Phil Hey on drums, we went into Wildsound Studios in NE Minneapolis to record: Joan's Blues
Back in the 90's, the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) was revolutionizing home recording.  I got in on the action with Cakewalk, a computer-based recording software which was the industry standard at that time.
My sound generator of choice, the Korg 05R/W, still stands the test of time!
Speaking of timeless, check out my MIDI demos:  Trust    Forever    Goin'    No Time    Mayer    Solo
bryondahl@gmail.com   •   763-221-1285
Armida Maria - by Chris Petersen.

Joan, Chris & I are joined by Erik Dahl on drums.
(15/8 time never sounded so good...)